John Dean
John has been a working photographer and visual artist since the late 1970’s. His work involves both still life and urban landscape iconography that is often shaped, colorized, and refined in the computer. He has been working with digital imaging since the mid 1990s.

John started his imaging business, Dean Imaging, in Atlanta in 2001 to specialize in the expanding area of high stability pigment based digital imaging for the art community. Dean Imaging works with art photographers, painters, and multi-media artists to materialize their creative ideas digitally.

John has both a BFA in art photography and history from the University of Arizona in Tucson, and an MFA in art photography from Tyler School of Art of Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He studied with Todd Walker, William Larson, Harold Jones, Esther Parada, Wayne Enstice, and Larry Fink. John studied the history of photography with Keith McElroy, Susan Cohen, and William Johnson. He has a very strong background in art history and the history of photography, having worked at the Center For Creative Photography in Tucson for several years. In those student days he showed rare prints to researchers and students at a formative time in that museum’s history. There he learned about the finest photographic printmaking first hand from the actual portfolios of many of America's and Europe's greatest art photographers. In that environment he met many of these great printmakers: like Ansel Adams, Emmit Gowin, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, Frederick Sommer, Paul Caponigro, Barbara Crane, Jack Welpot, Jerry Uelsman, and W. Eugene Smith to name a few who visited and taught there. John now lives with his sweetheart Kitty Yao, north of Atlanta where he continues to work on his own photography and that of his clients. He can be contacted through

In Defense Of the Precious Object

Four Japanese Photographers and What They Don't Have In Common With Cindy Sherman. A Recent Spring Photo-Viewing Trip To New York.

Before I start in talking about subtle, often modest scale Japanese photography and the legacy of photographic prints as intimate, introspective, and highly crafted objects, I think I need to point out that there are of course infinite ways to … Continue reading

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Lightroom User Guide

This is v3, but it applies to v5 and up.

Adobe Lightroom is a fairly new and very sophisticated graphics software application that is allowing photographers to manage, optimize, catalogue, display, web view, and print their digital files. At this point it is a perfect complement to other Adobe programs, … Continue reading

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Preparing Digital Files for Printmaking

Understanding the Basics

Getting Started Think about what you need to achieve before you pick up the camera. The best way to make a great print is to know what one actually looks like. The only way to learn is by looking at … Continue reading

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Introduction to Adobe Camera Raw

Originally a Photoshop file format plug-in, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) has evolved into an essential tool for processing digital camera Raw image files. Raw processing is versatile and necessary for image quality control, workflow ease, and efficiency. It provides a … Continue reading

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What Happened To Photography

A few thoughts about how electronics changed picture making.

For me, the notion of what constituted the photographic art form started in the early 1970’s, when photography was an analogue and optical-chemical discipline. For all practical purposes the techniques I used in my formative years were subtle refinements and … Continue reading

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