Tyler Boley
Tyler is a native of Seattle, WA, and has been making photographs since the 1950’s. Tyler spent much of his teens and twenties in music. By the 1980’s, he was seriously active in fine art landscape photography taking workshops with Ruth Bernhard, Marsha Burns, Micheal Burns, Lucien Clergue, Linda Conner, Judy Dater, Frank Gohlke, Phillip Hyde, Mark Klett, Tom Millea, Richard Misrach, Ann Noggle, John Sexton, Jerry Uelsmann, and Brett Weston. At the now legendary Friends of Photography he was exposed to the highest standards in image and traditional craft, and began exhibiting at the Silver Image and Equivalence Galleries in Seattle, and juried shows around the country.

Leaving music he began doing commercial assignment work as Tyler Boley Photography, receiving national awards, appearing frequently in the Mead Show and Black Book AR100 for over ten years. In 2008, Tyler earned another Top Ten Photographed Black Book AR100 award.

The demands of commercial assignment work and the dawning of digital technology required Tyler to learn Photoshop and emerging digital imaging practices. An early experimenter with various inkjet solutions for B&W photography, he is now considered an expert monochrome printer. In the fall of 2003, Custom Digital LLC was opened to provide fine art black and white carbon pigment ink printing services (now expanded to provide expert color printing as well).

The Pacific Northwest landscape is by far the largest continuous body of Tyler’s personal work. These prints represent a commitment to expressing the unique Pacific Northwest environment as a personal vision, and the current state of the art in carbon pigment ink monochromatic printing.

With an expanding reputation in fine digital printing, Tyler teaches workshops, lectures, and provides tutoring. He has taught at: Cone Editions in Vermont (2005, 2006), the Digital Stop in Berkeley California (2008), and the Newspace Center For Photography (2009).



Hahnemuhle Museum Etching B&W setup and evaluation- A long one

Additionally posted at http://tylerboley.com/blog/ and http://www.custom-digital.com/

Since going through this process throws light on several issues, some perhaps peripheral, but important, I decided to post the process. Everything from why it was required, through execution and completion may be applicable to others in a variety of … Continue reading

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The thing about nozzles…

And the lack of them . . .

I realize this hardly rises to the level of issues we love to talk about here , but I run into this so often it’s worth noting in the hope it saves even one person some inkjet grief. I run into … Continue reading

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The Lo-Fi Workaround

Working with old computers on big files.

Seems throughout the last decade or so of large and larger captures, scans, bit depth, layers, etc etc, there is the constant proclamation that memory is now cheap, storage is cheap, go for it! If you are on Macs like … Continue reading

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The State Of Inkjet

Advanced monochrome blending.

My photographic print background is grounded in the high standards set by the acknowledged masters of the pre-digital era. Having been exposed to a wide variety of amazing prints, historical, contemporary, all the various methods from hand coated, west coast … Continue reading

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Art and Craft

A Description of One Project

This paper addresses two complimentary ideas. First, it is an example of the evolution of a photographic project and the cumulative effect of decisions made along the way. Second, it is an example of critical technical practices and how in-depth … Continue reading

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