Walker Blackwell
Walker is a printmaker, artist, web designer, community organizer, and organic vegetable farmer who came to the digital field as a teenager during the flux between analogue and digital in the late nineties. He founded Black Point Editions in Chicago, co-founded and backed Latitude, and currently manages the lab at Light Work in Syracuse NY.

Walker finds the interplay and tension between art-as-object and art-as-idea fascinating.

How to Network Lightroom

A primer

The debate has been raging since before Lightroom came out of Beta v1: when will we be able to share Lightroom catalogues? At the very least, how can we host a catalogue on a server somewhere and just open it … Continue reading

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The Future of Scanning

Camera Scanning and Raw Software

What’s happening? Only a few years back, most companies stopped making film scanners. The game was up; scanning equipment no longer pulled a profit. The future was in digital capture and the world marched on without looking back. It left … Continue reading

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