How to Network Lightroom

A primer

The debate has been raging since before Lightroom came out of Beta v1: when will we be able to share Lightroom catalogues? At the very least, how can we host a catalogue on a server somewhere and just open it … Continue reading

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Print on Demand

Developing New Curriculum for Photographic Education

Note: This post is adapted from a paper by the same title originally published in The International Journal of the Book, vol.7, no. 1 Regardless of education or career path the question of how to find an audience eventually becomes … Continue reading

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The Lo-Fi Workaround

Working with old computers on big files.

Seems throughout the last decade or so of large and larger captures, scans, bit depth, layers, etc etc, there is the constant proclamation that memory is now cheap, storage is cheap, go for it! If you are on Macs like … Continue reading

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The State Of Inkjet

Advanced monochrome blending.

My photographic print background is grounded in the high standards set by the acknowledged masters of the pre-digital era. Having been exposed to a wide variety of amazing prints, historical, contemporary, all the various methods from hand coated, west coast … Continue reading

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Lightroom User Guide

This is v3, but it applies to v5 and up.

Adobe Lightroom is a fairly new and very sophisticated graphics software application that is allowing photographers to manage, optimize, catalogue, display, web view, and print their digital files. At this point it is a perfect complement to other Adobe programs, … Continue reading

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