The State Of Inkjet

Advanced monochrome blending.

My photographic print background is grounded in the high standards set by the acknowledged masters of the pre-digital era. Having been exposed to a wide variety of amazing prints, historical, contemporary, all the various methods from hand coated, west coast … Continue reading

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Lightroom User Guide

This is v3, but it applies to v5 and up.

Adobe Lightroom is a fairly new and very sophisticated graphics software application that is allowing photographers to manage, optimize, catalogue, display, web view, and print their digital files. At this point it is a perfect complement to other Adobe programs, … Continue reading

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Preparing Digital Files for Printmaking

Understanding the Basics

Getting Started Think about what you need to achieve before you pick up the camera. The best way to make a great print is to know what one actually looks like. The only way to learn is by looking at … Continue reading

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Introduction to Adobe Camera Raw

Originally a Photoshop file format plug-in, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) has evolved into an essential tool for processing digital camera Raw image files. Raw processing is versatile and necessary for image quality control, workflow ease, and efficiency. It provides a … Continue reading

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The Future of Scanning

Camera Scanning and Raw Software

What’s happening? Only a few years back, most companies stopped making film scanners. The game was up; scanning equipment no longer pulled a profit. The future was in digital capture and the world marched on without looking back. It left … Continue reading

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