The thing about nozzles…

And the lack of them . . .

I realize this hardly rises to the level of issues we love to talk about here , but I run into this so often it’s worth noting in the hope it saves even one person some inkjet grief. I run into … Continue reading

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How to Network Lightroom

A primer

The debate has been raging since before Lightroom came out of Beta v1: when will we be able to share Lightroom catalogues? At the very least, how can we host a catalogue on a server somewhere and just open it … Continue reading

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The Lo-Fi Workaround

Working with old computers on big files.

Seems throughout the last decade or so of large and larger captures, scans, bit depth, layers, etc etc, there is the constant proclamation that memory is now cheap, storage is cheap, go for it! If you are on Macs like … Continue reading

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What Happened To Photography

A few thoughts about how electronics changed picture making.

For me, the notion of what constituted the photographic art form started in the early 1970’s, when photography was an analogue and optical-chemical discipline. For all practical purposes the techniques I used in my formative years were subtle refinements and … Continue reading

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