Dinosaur Bones by A.D. Coleman

We are happy to be able to share this recent essay by the American photo critic  A.D. Coleman. This is the complete text of a lecture delivered on November 8, 2011 at Hotshoe Gallery, London, co-sponsored by Hotshoe International, Viewfinder Photography gallery, and the VASA Project.

Mr. Coleman was the first photo critic for the New York Times, the Village Voice, and the New York Observer. His work has been published in countless publications within the last 45 years all over the world. Please visit and follow Mr. Coleman’s blog and support it with a small contribution if you can. He is one of a kind in his attempt to keep the professionalism of photo criticism intact in a dignified way, and that is a rare thing these days.  http://photocritic.com

-Agnostic Printmakers


Thank you for coming out for this event tonight.

Before I begin, let me also thank Colin Finley, Melissa DeWitt, and Miranda Gavin of Hotshoe International and Rui Cepeda of Viewfinder Photography Gallery, as well as Roberto Muffoletto of the VASA Project, for bringing me here today. I especially commend them for engaging in a synergistic collaboration on this program that can serve as a model for other arts organizations in these fiscally challenging times.

And I want to dedicate this talk to the memory of the late Chris Dickie, publisher and editor of Ag: The International Quarterly Journal of Photographic Art & Practice. In his role at Ag, and before that in his editorial position at the British Journal of Photography, Chris was the first to put my work regularly before the UK audience, offering me platforms I valued enormously. I got to meet him only once, last fall, at a Royal Photographic Society event, just months before his passing, but our fruitful collaboration lasted almost twenty years, and I miss him very much.

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